Challenge Accepted

If you have Class II games, you have the challenge of controlling and logging remote connectivity into your casino environment. Unfortunately, there aren’t many ways to get the logs you need, but without them you risk failing your audit. Why is it so hard?

GhostSentry Changes All Of That

GhostSentry is firewall designed just for Class II gaming. It is easy to set up and easy to use. It does not require a high level of technical experience to configure or operate and will work with any of your Class II vendors.

We are so confident we can fix your logging, if you do have an audit finding, we will credit your account and help you write the audit response.

Unlike competing products, GhostSentry also has the ability to allow automated systems such as Wide Area Progressives and Health Monitoring Systems while logging remote access to ensure compliance. GhostSentry was designed with compliance in mind, and the logs produced meet the regulatory requirements perfectly.

GhostSentry has many innovative features. For example, GhostSentry doesn’t require any change or modification to the existing casino network in order to achieve compliant remote access, regardless of how the remote user accesses the property. The appliance is very simple to install, and the casino doesn’t experience any downtime during the setup process. GhostSentry makes approving or denying access requests easy, too, even from your smart phone, anywhere, anytime.


With GhostSentry, you can stop manually tracking access, stop traveling to the casino just to plug in remote access. More importantly, you can stop dreading that next audit, guaranteed.

How Ghostsentry Came About

Working with tribal casinos for more than 20 years now, our firm has a unique opportunity to observe and assist in the resolution of many challenges that tribal casinos face nationwide.

Because our clients are geographically diverse, our main challenge is efficiency over the distance. Our back-of-house and revenue audit teams perform the audit functions remotely. Maintaining a stable remote connection, while ensuring compliance with all the regulatory requirements, is essential to the success of our organizations.

GhostSentry was originally designed to solve this efficiency challenge for our own firm; but it quickly became apparent that a solution to the industry as a whole was lacking, and GhostSentry could fill the gap. Another main challenge was the majority of the casinos we encountered were not new builds. Overcoming the obstacles of existing network structures without significant down time to the property was critical. In addition, most of the IT staff we encountered would prefer a simple solution that does not require technical experience.

Ideally, casinos need the ability to log remote access without disrupting the vendor’s network. This is almost impossible using traditional network equipment. GhostSentry is very different from other tools and makes it simple to quickly and easily retrofit a casino with compliant remote access logging.

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Bobby Simpson, CIO