We work with numbers, but we don’t treat you like one!

At Finley & Cook we believe in providing training, empowerment, respect and work-life balance to our team. We pride ourselves on creating an enjoyable and professional work environment, and we are looking for dedicated team members who apply their knowledge to bring innovative solutions and unparalleled service to help our clients succeed.

Our Culture

We realize that sometimes the lines between home and work can be a bit blurred, especially these days.  We treat each other like family and realize that flexibility and fairness is a two-way street.  We acknowledge that as we expect you to go the extra mile for our clients, we need to do the same for you.

Finley & Cook provides the tools for remote work, comp time, and flexibility, because we know the other side of the work-life balance is LIFE.


No two days are exactly the same here, and you can never fully prepare you for everything, so we don’t expect you to know everything. We are here to mentor and train, and at some point, we hope you pay it forward.


We do NOT think high stress and long hours without compensation is the way to get the most out of a team.

We know if we create an enjoyable and professional work environment, empower our teams, and treat each other with respect, it makes it easier for everyone to bring innovative solutions and unparalleled service to our clients.


  • Competitive Salary
  • Paid time off, including Holiday Pay; 401K; Medical & Life Insurance
  • Comp Time
  • Flexibility
  • Bonus upon Passing the CPA Exam and Reimbursement of Exam Fees
  • CPA Paid Licensing and Renewals, Membership Fees in Professional Organizations, and Continuing Professional Educations

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