Wit & Wisdom for First Year Audit Assistants

5 Things 1st Year Audit Assistants Should Know

F&C Audit Assistant, Douglas Dewell began his career at F&C in January 2020, after graduating from the University of Oklahoma in 2018.  Here he shares his wit and wisdom for new graduates heading into that critical first year as a new Audit Assistant.


Finally, you were able to make it through college and now it is time to start putting that big, fancy degree to work!  You are about to take your first steps as a full-time Audit Assistant!  Now, I can imagine some of the things that are going through your head: excitement, apprehension and, if you’re anything like me, perhaps a little anxiety.

I admit it, I was incredibly nervous on my first day. However, most of it was completely self-inflicted and was a result of me not preparing myself for what was lying in front of me.  That being said, I’d like to present you with a few tips that will help you in the beginning phase of your journey as an Audit Assistant.

No. 1

Be prepared to be overwhelmed

Spoiler Alert: your auditing class did not prepare you to become an auditor.

More likely than not, you were taught mostly terms and procedural things that were, relatively speaking, presented to you on an elementary level.  Therefore, be ready to be a little overwhelmed by the amount of information that is about to be thrust upon you.

Remember, just because you’re out of school doesn’t mean that you know it all.

No. 2

Do NOT be afraid to ask questions

This was not easy for me at the start of my audit journey.  I thought that by asking questions it would indirectly make me look stupid.  In reality, people (i.e., your in-charges, managers, partners) like when you ask questions.   However, make sure that you don’t badger your coworkers with the same questions.

No. 3

Learn as much as possible

This seems obvious, but it cannot be stressed enough.  More specifically, make sure that you are WILLING to learn as much as possible.  Be open to new ideas, outlooks or ways of doing things.  Improvement is always the key in this field.

No. 4

Be patient with yourself

You are about to begin learning about the complex world of public accounting.  That being said, don’t expect to become an expert overnight.  There are going to be times where you feel like things may be a little over your head.


Remember, be patient and keep your head up.

No. 5

Befriend a coworker that you feel comfortable with

Try to find someone that you think will help make you a better auditor in the long run.  You want it to be someone that pushes you to be better, holds you accountable, and has the knowledge/experience that backs up what they’re saying.

Once again, auditing is not easy.  However, if you stick to these general guidelines you will set yourself up for a future filled with success.

Douglas E. Dewell
Audit Assistant
Finley & Cook

“I enjoy getting to work with the wide array of clients that we have. I also enjoy the pattern and structure of the professional service that we provide.  Lastly, I enjoy working with the colleagues that I have been placed with.  I have learned a lot and look forward to the future.” –

Douglas Dewell, Audit Assistant Finley & Cook 

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