Interactive Webinar
November 05, 2020

Title 31 Simplified - How Technology is Changing the Game

The roots of Title 31 laws go back to the days of Al Capone, and although they have evolved, it is still basically the same principles. What has changed considerably is the technology we have come to rely on so heavily in today’s daily life.

This interactive webinar sponsored and paid for by Finley & Cook will discuss those basic principles of Title 31 compliance, detail the updates to the regulations that are impacting our industry, and demonstrate new ways to comply efficiently. For the most part, the rules haven’t changed, but what we use to comply has!

Who Should Attend

This is a must attend for GMs, Compliance Managers, Compliance Staff, Gaming Commissions, Compliance Agents, Internal Auditors and anyone within your operation who wants to get a better understanding of the importance of Title 31 and how it impacts your business.

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Click here to register for this interactive webinar on November 5 @ 9 am PST. Limited seats are available to guarantee all participants get their questions answered.

January 25-28, 2020

Raving NEXT: Analytics & Marketing Conference

All Virtual

The show must go on.
Our skills must stay sharp.
We must continue to grow and be challenged.
We’ve got this.

So yes, like every other conference in our industry, we made the choice to go virtual this January. We said, “No problem – we WILL deliver a killer Raving learning experience even if it’s virtual!”

Alright, the honest truth. We used a lot of expletives and said, “This is so messed up man! Cheese and crackers this sucks!”But then we recovered and started getting excited about the possibilities. This means …

No restrictions for the amount of sessions due to time or space constraints – hate having to get up for a session at 8:30 am? Not a problem!
More sessions for all experience levels that you can interact with live or take in the lesson at 11 pm in your bunny slippers.
Access to files, quizzes and other support materials at your fingertips.