July 19-23, 2021

Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention

We are here in sunny Vegas at the National Indian Gaming Conference and Tradeshow and we welcome you to join us!

Visit us at the F&C booth #1216, firm Partner Kevin Huddleston will be on hand to talk through casino finances and accounting or help with integration of financial systems and audits.

Needing a smart paperless solution?  You will need to sit back and chat it up with Rachel Loudon on going paperless and your casino operations.

Gaming access a hassles for you?   Jason Lowry is your man for remote control access, audit logs, and vendor access.

Any and everything else in between, Doug Parker can offer advice and solutions, or at least get you headed in the right direction!  Be sure and check out his session, Starting Point Title 31 with fellow friends, Jerad Swimmer with Indigo Sky Casino and Che’ Downs with Thunderbird Entertainment.

We’ve got you covered with a free Tradeshow pass too, simply click here for your free Silver Pass.

See You Soon!

Session:  Starting Point Title 31

  • National Indian Gaming Conference and Trade Show
  • Room 402
  • 4:00 PM


Title 31 compliance takes an army, not a single soldier. From the front lines of the Cage staff to the review and decisions of the Compliance Officer and even the staff responsible for filing reports, each area has its own challenges and need for expertise. Hear from our panel on how they overcome some of these challenges, what they do to make the process easier for everyone and provide valuable insight into how each of their individual battles help the casino win the war of Title 31 compliance.

Moderator:  F&C Doug Parker

Panelist:  Jerad Swimmer, Director of Compliance, Indigo Sky Casino and Che’ Downs, Director of Finance, Thunderbird Entertainment Center


July 26-28, 2021

OIGA Conference and Tradeshow

The 2021 OIGA Conference and Trade Show, otherwise known as ‘the biggest little show in Indian Gaming,’ will be held in Oklahoma City July 26-28, and will draw nearly 3,000 vendors, visitors and guest speakers to downtown Oklahoma City to celebrate and advance our industry. If you have never attended the OIGA Trade Show, you are in for a treat! It is a lively, fun, informative, high-energy assembly of some of the biggest names in the gaming and hospitality industries.