National Work Like a Dog Day

The Reputed Strong Work Ethic of Canines

Have you ever heard the phrases, “it’s a dog’s life” or “work like a dog”?  Maybe you’ve heard the first phrase by someone you know while being awakened from a long nap. Perhaps you’ve heard the latter while working on a tireless project with no break. Either way, August 5th is “National Work Like A Dog Day!” This holiday’s origin is not fully known, but the day is thought to have been inspired by sheep dogs and sled dogs that performed arduous tasks day in and day out.  Feel like you can relate?  Let’s celebrate!

Work Like A Dog Day is a chance for you to show off your own determination and hard work while you go about your day. Whether it be at work, home, school, etc., put your best effort into everything you do. Always produce the best work that you possibly can and be a team player. Then after all of your hard work, take part in the “its a dog’s life” phrase and take a nice long nap.  (We know we will!)

Today, we paused to appreciate the hard workers at F&C what motivates us.  Here are a few stories from our staff about how their pooches inspire them.

We hope you enjoy!

From the Desk of:  Cassandra Purintun, Tax Accountant

Cassandra is inspired by her dog Brodie, an Australian Cattle Dog

I have heard the phrase “work like a dog” for most of my life and I’m sure most of you were raised hearing this saying constantly as well. Honestly though, how much thought have you ever put into what this saying is trying to portray?

We all know that the common interpretation is about working long, hard days. So, depending on the type of dogs you have been around in your life this saying may seem true or it may seem the complete opposite. A large percentage of pets are strictly pets who just lay around and are cared for by their human owners, but there are still some that have “jobs” that require hard work and a lot of training. Some of these “jobs” being service, herding, and rescue dogs. Regardless of which type of dog/s you have been around the common traits among all dogs are obedience and loyalty. So, National Work Like A Dog Day is a day to celebrate all that hard work you and those around you do!

Some ways you observe #WorkLikeADogDay are:

  • Work extra hard today! Achieve that goal you have been striving for!
  • Watch videos of working dogs training and then watch them in action
  • Have a movie night with the family and watch the movie “Togo” a Disney film based on a true story of a sled dog and his devotion to his dog sled team.

You can also join the fun of celebrating by sharing a post related to the topic and using the hashtag #WorkLikeADogDay or just by following the hashtag in general to see a lot of cool, working dogs in action.

So, I hope this has inspired you work hard and appreciate the hard work of those around you (both human and canine).

My dog, Brodie is an Australian Cattle dog.  I got lucky enough to get him to actually sit still for a minute and take the a picture for me.  He plays hare and then naps hard every day.

From the Desk of:  Tanner Kasterke, Tax Accountant

Tanner is inspired by Penny, a Great Dane and Cletus, an English Mastiff

As the events of 2020 began to unfold in March and April, many of us found ourselves working from home, some of us may still find ourselves doing so.  As a result, I am sure many us found ourselves with new, furrier, co-workers.  I myself, traded in my co-workers from the tax department with Penny and Cletus – a Great Dane and an English Mastiff.

While these two might not be the best accountants they did take their jobs of trying to drool on work-papers, keeping me company, and reminding me that they need attention too, very seriously.  If one or both were to fall asleep on the job, they would both jump to attention as the result of any sudden movement from myself.  Now that I am back in the office, I am sure they are eagerly waiting at home for another opportunity to show their value as co-workers.

While we might look at dogs as distractions or in the way while we are trying to get other things accomplished while at home (at least I know mine can be), it is important to take a step back and appreciate the level of love and affection they are always willing to show.  During times like these, I hope everybody has somebody and/or something who can show them such an affection.

From the Desk of:  Jim Grimes, Tax Manager

Jim is inspired by his Outdoor Security Expert 1.0 and Upgrade 2.0

Hello Sunshine.

As a member of the Tax Department, you spend most of January through April, coming to work in the dark and leaving work in the dark.  The day after a tax season is a relaxing one.  You arise that morning to the sound of Alexa asking you to awake from a deep slumber.  Next, you wrap yourself in your robe put on your house shoes and head to the back patio for breakfast and a pot of freshly brewed coffee.  Your dogs are laying at the edge of the patio awaiting their day to begin and also patiently waiting to be your breakfast companion. You smell the sweet aroma of the wild honeysuckle and contently watch the sun come up to kiss you gently on the face.  You smile and say “Hello Sunshine”.  Life is a wonderful thing.

Boy, if this is your situation I salute you!!!

My morning after the end of tax season goes more like this.

Alexa is squawking some noise at me.  I yell “Alexa hush up” and she just has to hit me again with that awful sound. I fall out of bed, grab some gym shorts, a t-shirt and dirty socks, and dash to the kitchen.  On my way to kitchen, I am thinking, ‘dang my arm hurts’, I wonder how that happened it was fine when I went to bed?

I hit the kitchen and have to actually turn the Keurig on.  I open the drawer to see if I have any pods left, YES!  Whew, moment of panic.  I pop in the pod, and hit the flashing button for the big cup.  And then I see it, the blue light of pain, it needs water added to the reservoir.  I add the water and think, ‘hey, it looks like a nice morning I will do coffee on the back porch’.  I then reach up into the cabinet, and grab a breakfast bar.  My coffee is finally done, I head for the back door to sit on the porch and smell the wild honeysuckle and enjoy my 3 bite breakfast.  Then I plan to sit in the sun and slowly sip on my freshly brewed coffee.

I plop down and am just about to take in a swig of coffee and then it hits, this awful, eye watering, gagging stench.  The 2 dogs we lovingly call outdoor security 1.0 and her upgrade 2.0 come around the corner because they heard me come out the back door with a food type substance, and it is quite obvious from the foul odor they are carting around, yes, they have been out skunk hunting during the night.  Obviously they were successful.

At this point, I drop my breakfast bar in the trash, turn to the early morning sun and say, “Hello Sunshine” and dart back inside to escape the pungent aroma of the skunk hunt.

Happy Work Like a Dog Day!
A day to work hard and to reward people who work, day and night and are very productive.


Finley & Cook, CPA’s

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