Inefficient Paper-Based Cash Operations

Reviewing the Process for a Main Banker at Shift Change

The pandemic has taught businesses many lessons, but one key lesson is that being efficient, in all areas of the casino operation, is imperative. As the labor pool decreased and hours of operations changed, the ability to be a successful casino operator became more of a challenge.

When was the last time you spent time with the main bankers at shift change, a cashier ending their shift or revenue audit? The back of the house, support functions, seem to be the last to receive the technology to improve operations and mitigate risks.

Let’s take the process for a main banker at shift change.

They must count down the funds in the vault, some with the currency counter and some manually, writing the counts on a form and using the 10-key to add it up. They get to the end and they are off by $125. They are reviewing all the ins and outs, plus the shift reconciliation count, and after spending time researching they find a transposed number. With automation, this number would have been verified and a variance immediately issued. This is just one example of inefficiencies within cash operations. If this happens twice a week, it is a minimum of 124 hours of inefficiencies for one manual process.

In some instances, the paperwork is force balanced by a cashier who just wants to get off after a long shift. The paperwork errors are not found until revenue audit starts going through the paperwork the next day, so now the inefficiencies have impacted the cashier and auditor. With automation, the cashier is not able to force balance and must address the variance with the supervisor at countdown.

Manual processes within cash operations slow the audit processes, which impairs the ability to be a successful casino operator. Casino management is not able to make informed business decisions without an accurate account of cash position and a clean revenue audit.

Finley & Cook knows that you want to be a successful casino operator. To do that, you need to optimize costs and team member performance. The problem is inefficient paper-based cash operations, which makes you feel dissatisfied with your performance. We believe you should feel confident, knowing that your resources are used efficiently.

After working with casinos for 20 years, Finley & Cook created a paperless cash management tool. The solution has helped 85 properties reduce personnel costs by more than 30 percent and eliminate wasteful paper-based operations.

This automated solution brings freedom to the management of cash operations at an affordable price. The simple functionality and compliance feature deliver you freedom from outdated processes and regulatory standards.

Here's how we can help you do it:
  1. Schedule a free efficiency assessment
  2. Guide your team through implementing a customized solution
  3. Confidently monitor your growing profit margin

Rachel Loudon
Finley & Cook

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