Drew Finley established the Drew Finley Firm in 1947 with a promise to his wife, Dorothy to make it a success or go back to his old job as an internal auditor.  With little more than a desk, a telephone, and plenty of ideas he set to work.

His first client was J. B Foster of Foster Supplies at $50 per month.  He managed to keep things afloat for a few years until Don Cook, recent graduate from Michigan married his wife’s best friend and became a Partner in the firm, thus incorporating Finley & Cook, PLLC.

With the same dedication and approach to innovation, F&C has continued to grow nationwide.  In 2000 the firm added a branch to provide customized accounting and compliance services to Native American Tribes across Indian Country.

F&C employees a team of over one-hundred and eighty five CPA’s, MBA’s, decreed professionals, and experienced individuals to provide the solid, reliable solutions in Accounting, Audit & Assurance, Consulting, Enterprise Systems, and Tax.

F&C has two office location in Shawnee, Oklahoma and satellite offices in Alaska, Indiana, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Wyoming.